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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Websites design

First impressions count. The design team at Kinetal Websites take full advantage of this to ensure that you, our client, are happy with the design. Once the initial design brief has been completed we will start developing your website.

Website development

One step closer to the final result; The development stage. Will develop all of our websites to the latest standards – including on-page optimization to comply with Google’s regulations for SEO purposes. We want the world to know about you and your business!

Ecommerce solutions

Looking to start an online store? Here at Kinetal Websites, we provide complete Ecommerce solutions. From design, development, platforms and payment gateways. We’ve got it covered. Start your online journey today!

SEO campaigns

Marketing your website correctly can bring in more business which results in your website paying for itself over and over again. As a standard we include on-page optimization but SEO is much more involved and off-site optimization is just as important. Let us help rank your website.

Hosting & domain names

A crucial part of your online project; Choosing a domain name and efficient hosting. The team here at Kinetal Websites can take care of nitty-gritty. We have a powerful VPS for website hosting and we provide enterprise-grade email hosting with Office 365 (Exchange).

Security and Performance

Security is taken seriously at Kinetal Websites; We add SSL to all of our websites as standard. Our websites pass through a CDN to boost performance and help prevent attacks. Firewalls are installed and configured too.

Photography & videography

Unlike many other web design companies, we have an in-house team dedicated to photography and videography. There has never been a better time to take advantage of online video to help build a trusting relationship between your business and potential clients. Our video portfolio can be viewed on Kinetal Media’s vimeo.

Regular backups

Being part of the Kinetal IT family, we truly do understand the importance of regular backups. Our VPS is configured to take snapshots of all websites hosted with us to ensure there is a level of redundancy if the worst was to happen. Your website is in safe hands.

Website SEO Audit


Good website marketing is an essential to drive in more customers for your business. You may have heard of SEO but have no idea what it is and how it can help. We offer a free SEO audit to highlight where you can improve your website to help rank higher on search engines.

Professional Photography & Videography


Now is the time to get video content on your website to help promote and give potential clients a true feel of your business and services provided. We have a in-house team dedicated to photography and videography which gives us the edge on our competition.

Content Delivery Networks


We care about security. All of of websites are configured with SSL certificates as standard. Our websites are passed through a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to help prevent hacker attacks and to also boost speed and performance.